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When is comes to Hair Extensions, there are MANY, MANY different types of hair, methods and installation techniques that can be used. Lately, what Is making waves all over the internet is the TYPE of hair being used, I’m sure you’ve seen #handtiedextensions Once or Twice! So let me clear the air and explain exactly what this means.

HAND-TIED HAIR is a weft of hair created by human hands. The individual STRANDS of hair Are placed and tied on a skinny little track in one direction where all the cuticle is aligned (called REMY). All these key factors are to ensure the actual weft of hair is extremely flat And thin while still having the most amount of strands. So why does this matter?

Using this type of hair is a KEY ingredient for natural, comfortable, light-weight hair extensions. Because the wefts are so thin, I am able to layer them using Different colors and textures (if needed) to completely blend in with your own hair.

The second KEY ingredient to creating a seamless, flat to the head set of Hair Extensions is the method chosen to install the Hand-Tied Hair. The method I choose to wear in my own hair, and to use on all my clients is called Natural Beaded Rows.

Natural Beaded Rows aka NBR, is a technique that requires minimal points of contact with your own hair, ensuring the least amount of damage. Traditional hair extensions have 300-500 points of contact with your hair, NBR has 15-35. The difference is HUGE. There is no glue, tape or heat used In this method.

SO, the combination of the NBR method and HAND-TIED HAIR is by far my favorite HAIR EXTENSION to date. I was certified in my first extension Method at the Age Of 18 when I was STILL in Beauty school, ever since I have been on a quest for the highest quality Hair Extension (I’m now 32). I have seen a lot of good bad and just plain frightening things happen over the years! NBR are the only Extensions I have consistently worn in my own Hair, and Is the only Method I trust to keep my hair, and my clients hair healthy.

Interested in getting started with Nautral Beaded Rows For your own hair ? CLICK APPLY and fill out the quick FORM, I cannot wait for your Transformation.

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