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Are we ever really in the mood to do chores? Laundry, cleaning the house, cooking, Washing our car, washing our hair ?! Ok honestly I’d rather wash my hair than clean the house any day, BUT it still feels like a chore, always has, always will! Since I was young I have always had to make “plans” to wash my hair because it took so much time and is exhausting! Now it sounds like I’m being dramatic but when you have that extra hour to sleep in, it makes all the difference in a day. Or when you get that last minute invitation to go to happy hour, and your hair already looks amazing, you’re more than ready to go, rather than suffer from FOMO.

About 6 months ago my life changed in a big way. I stopped washing my hair. WHAT! Just kidding, well kind of :) I stopped washing my hair as much, thanks to my Natural Beaded Row hair extensions. Why though?!

With Natural Beaded Rows, my hairstyle lasts for days...sometimes 9 to be exact!! 9 days, you heard me right. If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen me post about my “week old” hair. And if you have seen my pictures of week old hair you probably were surprised how good it looks, honestly it surprises me too!

So my question is, are you high? High maintenance that is. Do you want to be low maintenance and wash your hair 4 times a month? Sounds pretty great doesn’t it. You may be thinking the idea of having hair extensions sounds way more of an upkeep than simply washing your hair, yes that may be true but when you think about it this way you mlight have a different opinion; you’d be in the salon every two months for 2-3 hours for NBR maintenance, only washing your hair on average 4 times a month. Styling your hair one to two times in between washes. I like to think of my new way of life as being “high maintenance to be low maintenance“. Do you want to be able to honestly say “I woke up like this”? You can using Natural Beaded Row hair extensions. To get yours, fill out the application on my website!



Ps. This picture you see is my week old hair :) what do you think?


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