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New Kicks

Just the other day, I needed to buy some new running shoes so I asked my sister what was the best option (because she is the shoe queen). She suggested two pairs, so I went to the mall to try them on. The store I went to didn’t have either so I asked the sales women what the best shoe was. She said “the Nike Pegasus is a great shoe! this is their 35th version”. At first I thought wow they’ve made 35 versions of this shoe but then I learned that the shoe actually came out 35 years ago. I immediately tried the shoe on and bought them after slipping only one on. I knew that if this shoe has been around for 35 years, then it must have been built from a solid foundation and is more solid now, than ever.

As this is true for my Nikes, this is also true for me as a Natural Beaded Rows artist. The reason I keep going back for more training and the reason I have done three live trainings within five months is to build MY solid foundation

The way I look at it, I need to continually be updated just like the apps on our phones, or the cars that we drive. The minute you stop learning is the minute you stop growing. I will always continue to work on my skills as a Natural Beaded Row artists, and strive to be the most up to date version.


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