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Since beauty school, I have been hair extension obsessed and have constantly searched for the VERY BEST method to offer my clients. What I look for first is LEAST AMOUNT of DAMAGE, COMFORTABILITY, NO HEAT, NO GLUE. After perfecting just about every method out there, I still wasn't completely satisfied. There was always some sort of restriction wearing extensions.

When I first learned about "beaded row hair extensions", I was amazed at the pictures I saw of ponytails, double french braids, half up half down styles, the list goes on. I had always wanted extensions to be undetectable and they just weren’t. THATS WHEN I HAD A LIGHTBULB MOMENT, the extensions were there, they were just 100% SEAMLESS. I had never seen anything like it and I had to learn ASAP.

As I’m scrolling through instagram doing more research, I see a COMMENT on a picture that says, "the NBR girls are CULTY and they call themselves the NBR TRIBE" (hmm interesting). Immediately I googled NBR and learned it stood for Natural Beaded Rows. I thought to myself, THAT MUST BE THEM, it was all in the name!

After learning that NBR is the ORIGINAL beaded row method that uses hand tied hair, I signed up, got CERTIFIED and officially joined the NBR TRIBE. What’s the tribe all about? It’s brilliant really, it is a network of Natural Beaded Rows Certified Stylists created to expand our knowledge of the methodology of NBR, share ideas, problem solve, and train like we never have before. We communicate all day long (literally), share pictures and are open to FEEDBACK, all to give our clients the true NBR experience. I have never been happier in my career and im so proud to be a part of the "NBR CULTY THING".

What we are able to give someone is more than just extra hair. It is confidence, self-love and happiness like you would'nt beleive. Every single person deserves all of those things, don't you think?


your extension obessed girl, Sabrina


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